Hard at work, unlike Mr. President

Hey there everyone. So as I stated in my last post, I did start working as a video editor for stern.de, a major Germans news website for the weekly news magazine. This officially makes me a German journalist I guess.

To catch up quickly on the personal side, things have zoomed by these last two months. Work is going well, and I enjoy coming into the office everyday. Expect the weather keeps improving and I find it harder to not come up with excuses to go outside. Luckily I get a boatload of benefits under German laws, so it seems as if I could take a vacation every other week.

In addition, I’m acting in another play with which — I’m very happy to report — we will travel to the Isle of Man in a couple weeks to perform at the Easter Festival of Full-Length Plays! We are doing an original piece — only ever once brought to the stage over 15 years ago in Sweden — and are cooperating with an experienced director who works with FEATS.

The first half explores the details of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s life and how her epic novel Frankenstein came to be. The second half then springs her famous story to life with lots of physical theater, ensemble work and even some music.

I also took a small side trip to Vienna, where I met up with my old college roommates as well as my friend from PPP, Heather. I doubled down on Schnitzel, cake and divine bread.

For now it’s work, rehearsal, the occasional beer after with my fellow actors/best friends, and then sleep to repeat the cycle all over again. You don’t see me taking a $200,000-an-hour plane ride down to a resort every other weekend to play the most boring sport in the world. Yes, even more boring than curling. That game’s got style.

For one thing it is most interesting to live away from the USA in the time of Trump. And I can’t say I mind. It feels like living in exile since he (or at least the people he’s chosen as associates) disagree with just about everything in which I believe. And as he chokes his way through his first 100 days, it’s hard not to laugh. I mean, clearly some people knew he was going to be a bad president. Like at least around 3 million more than thought otherwise.

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