Erst die Arbeit, aber ständiges Vergnügen

The last month has been full of, well, work.

It’s strage to have worked about 60 hours a week in Chicago for 10 months and then come to a complete halt upon arriving in Germany. But since I started my new internship at last month, I’ve getting back into the groove.

I work for the online video team writing scripts, editing videos, drinking coffee. It’s a phenomenal experience and I’m so grateful they gave me the option to dive in since day one. I get to watch dozens of hilarious, entertaining, and informative videos every day and develop extensive experience in my technical video skills.

What I find craziest: I’m officially a published reporter in Germany, producing content in the German language. That was my goal coming into this internship — into this entire fellowship program — and I checked that box day one. Sure, my scripts need to be edited, but the same thing would happen were I to write in the U.S.

I’ll be working with the video team until the end of April, and then I’ll switch over to the foreign news section in May to cover the U.S. election. In prepration for that, I read a heap of material from multiple sources every day about what’s going on back at “home.”

I put that in parentheses because I really don’t know if I would call the States home anymore. And no, I’m not trying to be some obnoxious 20-something who lives  in Europe and thinks everything is better here. We have our own crises to deal with in the Old World.

I say it for two main reasons. The first one is simple: I plan to stay in Germany for a Master’s degree after the program, and hopefully thereafter get a job here in my field. With that, I suppose it might be time to start considering Deutschland my home. Although the U.S. will always have my heart.

The second reason is more sinister. Namely, the presidential election and my aforementioned heart being crushed when I witness grown men shoving around a young woman at a Donald Trump rally. I understand why some people believe in the madness. It has much to do with desperation, ignorance and the lack of opportunity. Although it undeniably exudes hate and prejudice as well.

As a trained journalist (whatever that means), I know we are taught to look at both sides and treat them equally. But I can’t look at both sides when one of them refuses to open their eyes.

That’s enough about Donald Trump. I hope to write a post about him and the German reaction to him very soon. As you’ve probably noticed there are many arguments swirling around the internet comparing him to Hitler. Plus, he wants to build a wall. The Germans know a thing or two — or 138 — about walls.

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