About me

pic 3I’m Steven Montero, a Cuban-American from Miami who’s weirdly passionate about Germany and who’s currently living in the Vaterland — more specifically Hamburg.

I’m a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, where I picked up extensive knowledge on socioeconomic disparities, the Treaty of Albrecht, 21st-century media, crushing student debt and some beer pong skills.

My entire junior year of college I studied history at LMU München. So this isn’t my first time biting the Bratwurst. After a year of busing tables, greeting members, typing code, researching advertising and thriving in the tundra of Chicago, I came back for another taste with the CBYX for Young Professionals Program. Hamburg hypnotized me and I decided to return yet again after the year’s conclusion.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to live in a country that fascinates me. I hope to become a foreign correspondent, foreign service offer and possibly the 50th president of the United States. But for now I’m working as a video journalist at Gruner + Jahr.

With the “real world” now slowly fading from black in my Lifetime movie, it’s time to venture forth and discover what Germany and the world have to offer. Thanks for taking the time to follow me on this adventure. I hope this blog makes it worth your while.

Buckle up, they don’t have speed limits here you know.